Greystone Chapel

Along a quiet piece of trail, shrouded by ancient towering oak trees sits Greystone Chapel. Inspired by Folsom Prison’s Greystone Chapel, where inmates still go today to pray for redemption, this sculpture pays homage to the many inmates who were touched by the humble musician who came to play for them behind their prison bars. One inmate in particular, Glen Sherley, was particularly moved by Johnny Cash’s performance. Sherley's song Greystone Chapel had somehow made its way into Cash's hands, and he was about to hear the legendary country singer perform it live on stage. That performance marked a moment in history that would solidify Johnny Cash as a true humanitarian, and champion for the underdog. The Greystone Chapel sculpture is comprised of authentic blocks from the walls of Folsom Prison. It is the very same grey stone granite the Folsom Prison inmates used to build the prison, with their very own hands, years ago. Inset in the blocks are metal plaques, each inscribed with passages from the many letters inmates would write to Johnny Cash in the years following his historic performance.