Ring of Fire

From the highest vantage point on the trail stands the Ring of Fire, perched 70-feet above the street below, overlooking the City of Folsom, Folsom Prison, Folsom Dam, and the Sacramento Valley. At a distance, the Ring of Fire appears as a flaming steel ring. But as you approach, you can see that each flame is comprised of smaller interconnected guitar picks. Visitors on the Johnny Cash Trail will travel just 20-feet under the imposing sculpture, which seems to hang precariously over the edge. The 12-foot tall, raw stainless steel figure shimmers wildly by day, and glows like flame at night, lit by custom LED lights from below. The Ring of Fire isn't just an obvious nod to one of Cash's most well known songs. The flames are symbolic of the passion that engulfed Johnny Cash in every avenue of his life. Not just a musician, he was a passionate husband, father, and humanitarian.