Rusty Cage

Standing on a hill, high above the Johnny Cash Legacy Park and Folsom Prison, stands the Rusty Cage. Three massive Martin D-35 guitar necks, made of entirely of corten steel, stand 17-feet tall and 3-feet wide. Emanating a rugged, industrial, Americana vibe, the three massive statues will rust, and age, but never crumble.

Just the name Rusty Cage evokes images of captivity. While Soundgarden might have been speaking metaphorically when they wrote the song, it was easy to take it more literally when Johnny Cash covered it for his Grammy Award winning album Unchained.

From atop the hill, peering out between the rusty cable guitar strings, you can see for miles in every direction. Beautiful Folsom Lake, the bustling City of Folsom, and the fertile fields of the Sacramento valley, all within reach, but somehow untouchable.

Be a part of the ultimate art experience and tribute to the legendary Johnny Cash. The Folsom Arts Association is accepting contributions in order to complete the trail, park, and art installations that pay homage to one of America’s most inspirational musical figures.



Johnny Cash Trail
50 Natoma St
Folsom, CA 95630


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