The Man
in Black

The story of Johnny Cash and his connection to Folsom.

The Man in Black at Folsom Prison

For most visitors to Folsom Prison, the biggest draw is the connection between the prison and the legendary musician Johnny Cash. Cash’s song, “Folsom Prison Blues,” was one of the singer-songwriter’s first chart toppers, and helped launch his country music career.

In 1968, Cash famously recorded an album, Live at Folsom Prison, in a prison performance for inmates and guards. The album was a huge success, firmly establishing Folsom as a permanent chapter in the story of Johnny Cash.

Folsom State Prison is the second oldest prison in California, where it has housed inmates since 1880. The storied past and cultural significance of Folsom Prison makes it unlike any other. The popular Northern California attraction is often used for movie and television filming; its famous East Gates are instantly recognizable from their numerous appearances on screen and film.

Today, the prison still operates as a fully functional state prison, housing thousands of inmates behind its gates. It remains a must-see destination for fans of the legendary Man in Black.