The Trail


Johnny Cash Trail 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Art Collectible

Be a part of the ultimate art experience and tribute to the legendary Johnny Cash. The Folsom Arts Association is accepting contributions in order to complete the trail, park, and art installations that pay homage to one of America’s most inspirational musical figures.

The Johnny Cash Trail

Discover the story behind the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom, CA, the artists behind the art, and the plan for the larger-than-life art installations and legacy park.

Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience Donor Wall Installed

The Johnny Cash Trail recently installed a Donor Wall to honor the contributing fans of Folsom's amazing project - an art trail dedicated to the legacy of the Man in Black in Folsom, CA.

Johnny Cash Trail Donor Wall - First Look

A behind-the-scenes look at Johnny Cash Trail artist Adan Romo creating the Donor Wall by filmmaker Lou Douros.

Johnny Cash Trail Artist: Romo Studios

Meet the artist behind so many of the fine art pieces along the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom, CA. Adan Romo discusses the inspiration behind his art pieces, and the Johnny Cash legacy in Folsom.

Johnny Cash Trail Artist: Rotblaat Amrany

Meet the Fine Art Studios of Rotblatt Amrany. These are the talented artists behind the 40-foot flaming sculpture of Johnny Cash, slated to be installed along the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom, CA.

Robbers' Ravine Bridge Installed on the Johnny Cash Trail

The Robbers' Ravine bridge has been installed along the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom. The 150-foot long wooden bridge will offer trail goers views of Folsom Prison, the American River, and the ravine below.