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3 Crucial Ways Public Art and Music Strengthen Communities

8/13/2021 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Art, Johnny Cash Trail

Visitors to the Johnny Cash Trail wind their way through rolling hills and towering oak trees, from the Johnny Cash Bridge at Folsom Lake Crossing to Historic Downtown Folsom. Soon, this experience will be further enriched with the fabrication of the first piece of public art along the trail, Cash's Pick.

This art piece, along with the 7 other sculptures planned for the trail, will help create a community art experience that will be enormously beneficial for Folsom. Discover how the Johnny Cash Trail, and public art installations like it, can help create stronger communities.

Community Art and Music Grow the Economy

Art has the power to transform a public space into a destination, drawing in local visitors and travelers alike.

According to data from Visit California, travel-generated state and local tax revenue in Sacramento County brought in $333 million and accounted for 33.4k jobs in 2019. These numbers reflect the enormous impact that travel and tourism have on our local economy.

Investing in projects like the Johnny Cash Trail supports this important source of economic growth, bringing in new visitors and new revenue for our local community.

Public Art Supports Community Health

As a biking and hiking trail, the Johnny Cash Trail fosters physical health for Folsom residents and visitors, encouraging families to get outside and stay active. But did you know that community art and music experiences can have significant mental health benefits as well?

Public art has been shown to help reduce stress and connect individuals to their community.

Furthermore, art can also help increase community members' sense of identity and belonging, which can help reduce feelings of isolation.

Music and Art Strengthen Communities

Public art has an incredible power to strengthen communities by bringing people together.
According to the National Endowment for the Arts, art can be used to:

  • Highlight or elevate the voices of residents
  • Share local history
  • Create cultural infrastructure

By creating physical and creative gathering places, art installations like the Johnny Cash Trail connect communities and foster new relationships, ultimately bringing us all closer to each other.

Johnny Cash has been part of the fabric of the Folsom community since his 1968 performance at Folsom Prison. Celebrating his legacy through public art will help us build a stronger community. If you share this belief in the ability of arts and music to shape and strengthen communities, join us by contributing to the trail.