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Discovering the Art of The Johnny Cash Trail: The Picks

7/6/2016 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Art Trail, Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash Trail

The Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience will be home to 8 larger-than-life sculptures telling the story of Cash's amazing life and career. Of course, any great story or song needs a welcoming intro and exciting conclusion. Along the Johnny Cash Trail, that introduction and conclusion take the form of two identical sculptures: Cash’s Picks.

Read on for more information on the sculptures that will welcome you to the Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience.

That way, when you finally get to see Cash’s Picks for yourself you’ll have the inside scoop on the inspiration and the artist that made them possible.

The First Stop On The Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience: Cash’s Pick

Whether you approach the trail from the Johnny Cash Overpass Bridge, or from the American River Canyon, you’ll be greeted by the same sight: Cash’s Pick.

Cash’s Pick is an inspirational start and conclusion to a journey through Cash’s career, and the profound impact he had on the town of Folsom.

Each pick will stand 7-feet tall. This larger-than-life statue will be sculpted from black bronze, and will feature Johnny Cash’s name on one side of the statue.

The statue’s simplicity gives it its elegance and meaning. It’s a reminder of the simple ingredients that make up the legend of Johnny Cash: a man, a guitar, and a pick.

There will be little reminders of the pick throughout the experience. For example, you’ll notice guitar pick-shaped markers on the trail as you hike. That way, throughout the experience you’ll be reminded of the music that started it all.


Black Line

The REAL Story Behind Johnny Cash & Folsom Prison Blues

The REAL Story Behind Johnny Cash & Folsom Prison Blues

Discover the REAL story of Folsom Prison Blues, the anthem which would become one of Johnny Cash’s most beloved and well-known songs.


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The Inspiration Behind The Picks

Cash’s Pick is the brainchild of Adan Romo of Romo Studios. When Adan first visited the site that would become the Johnny Cash Trail, he was struck by the landscape. Romo saw a rhythm in the trail, with the sculptures like notes in a song.

The path turns and twists like music.

Romo explains the story behind the piece:

“I thought it would be appropriate to start the trail the way Cash would have started his music, which was simply by taking a pick to his guitar.”

Romo begins and ends the trail like a song, making the entire Johnny Cash Art Experience a celebration of what connected Cash to Folsom- truly excellent music.


Art Piece on the Johnny Cash Art Trail


About The Artist: Romo Studios

The artist behind the picks, Adan Romo, is one half of the Romo Studios team. Romo Studios is a world-class art firm based right here in Sacramento. Adan works alongside his father, Jesus Romo.

Jesus has created both national and international commissions. Many of his pieces are inspired by his experience as a veteran and a firefighter. Jesus’s most acclaimed piece is “Fallen Brother,” created for the California Firefighter’s Memorial located at the Capitol Mall in Sacramento.

Adan has a BA in Art History from UC Berkeley. As a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, he studied at the Academy of Art in Rome. Adan’s impressive resume includes artwork commissioned for civic buildings, religious institutions, and memorials for veterans.

Adan Romo is also creating five other sculptures on the Johnny Cash Trail: Folsom Prison Blues, Ring of Fire, Greystone Chapel, Hello I’m Johnny Cash, and Rusty Cage.

The rest of the trail’s pieces pay tribute to the profound influence of Cash and his music. As the trail progresses, you’ll have the chance to see how Cash impacted the town of Folsom, and the world. So stay tuned for exciting profiles on the other six sculptures!


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