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How to Support the Arts in Folsom

12/13/2023 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Folsom Community

Supporting the arts in your local community is one of the main ways many art scenes throughout the country are able to thrive. The art scene in Folsom is no different, and there are many ways to support and appreciate the art around town. Check out some of our favorite places to visit and ways to contribute. 

The Art Scene in Folsom

Folsom Art Center - Website

As a hub for the arts in the city, Folsom Art Center is a great place to learn and contribute to the local art community. You can support them in many different ways, including taking art education classes, visiting their fascinating galleries, or attending cultural events. There are the Wild Nights and Holiday Lights at Folsom Zoo, or you can visit for a list of all community arts events and more happening around Folsom. 

You can also join their "Take pART in the ARTs!" campaign, where you can donate directly or even round up your utility bill! All funds go to supporting arts, cultural education, and events around Folsom. Visit their website above for more information on attending or contributing.

Folsom Arts Association - Website

If you want to immerse yourself in the art culture around Folsom, you can join the Folsom Arts Association. It only costs $30 for individuals and $45 for families for a full year of membership. There are tons of benefits you and the whole family can enjoy, including:
Monthly Art Demonstrations

  • Art Camps
  • Workshops
  • Members Show
  • Museum Bus Trips
  • FAA Newsletters

You also gain access to their Facebook and website to post and connect with more artists around the area, see what they're doing, or attend/promote special events and classes.

Folsom Lake College - Website

The Folsom Lake College art curriculum offers introductory and intermediate-level courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, and metal arts, including introductory courses in art education and design. They have many opportunities to explore varying two and three-dimensional art using a wide variety of materials and techniques with a focus on hands-on approaches. Attending and contributing to these classes not only gets you more involved with the art community around Folsom but also helps fund and continue education for up-and-coming artists in the area. Their art faculty is made up of many professional artists with diverse specializations who have exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

Johnny Cash Trail

You know we couldn't leave this gem out of the list. The Johnny Cash Trail is one of the most recent and continually updated art trails in Folsom. Giving tribute to the man in black himself, this trail celebrates Johnny Cash's infamous performance at Folsom Prison, bringing joy, great memories, and a reason to enjoy the great outdoors of Folsom. You can enjoy all 2.75 miles of it, connecting to the already expansive American River Trail and Historic Folsom District. Cyclists, four-legged friends, and urban explorers are welcome to enjoy the trail and reminisce on the legacy Johnny Cash leaves behind. 

Other Ways to Contribute to the Art Community

Buy or Commission Art from Local Artists

If you want to directly and positively affect the art scene in Folsom, purchasing and commissioning art is the best way. Visit local parks, waterfronts, farmer's markets, and other community gathering spaces where you might find artists selling, painting, or both. You can also check online on websites like Etsy, Fiverr, or Instagram stories where artists can list prints or original pieces. Supporting the arts through direct purchase not only guarantees that the artists will receive 100% of the profits but also gives you an opportunity to connect with the artist and receive something one-of-a-kind. 

Art Galleries and Community Exhibitions

Galleries and other events that display works of art are great places to show your support for the local art community. Most of the time, they are free to visit and walk around, where you can admire the art, read about the background of artists and their work, or even be lucky enough to meet one of the artists themselves. However, if you still want to show support financially, some galleries and other related events will host auctions or have places where you can purchase prints or the original artwork. 

Virtual Support

Commissioning or purchasing art online is always an option. Posting, reposting, and interacting with artists and organizations supporting art online is another excellent method of aiding the art community. There are also online art classes or stroke-by-stroke walkthrough painting classes where you can follow along to create your own masterpieces. Supporting the art community online is one of the easiest and frugal ways to show you care while also making an impact, even if it's just awareness. 

Art Therapy

Art is all about expressing oneself and their emotions through a medium. Sharing your feelings can be challenging, but sometimes presenting them in the form of art makes it easier to communicate them. Art therapy may be conducted in three typical ways, although it may vary depending on the business. The first is analytical, where therapists and patients discuss their ideas through art. Through psychotherapy, where a patient's art is discussed verbally and analyzed. And lastly, the actual creation of art itself and focusing on the process of it instead.

The vibrant art scene in Folsom offers a treasure trove of cultural experiences and opportunities for community engagement. From the educational and eventful offerings of the Folsom Art Center to the communal and enriching benefits of the Folsom Arts Association, there's a plethora of ways for everyone to get involved. Moreover, direct support through purchasing and commissioning art, participation in art galleries and community exhibitions, and even virtual engagement are vital in sustaining and enriching the artistic vibrancy of Folsom. Each of these facets contributes to a thriving, diverse, and accessible art community, inviting all to explore, appreciate, and partake in the arts in Folsom, ensuring it will continue flourishing for years to come.