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5 Ways to Support the Johnny Cash Trail Project in Folsom

9/11/2017 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash Trail

As the City of Folsom nears the completion of the Johnny Cash Trail, requests are pouring in from trail supporters who want to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime, incredible project. Everyone has their own reason for wanting to be a part of the trail, whether they be they fervent Cash fans, lifelong Folsom residents, or have a story of personal significance that happened along the trail.

Whatever your reason, here are 5 ways you can be a part of Folsom’s tribute to the legacy of Johnny Cash.



Put Your Plaque on the Donor Wall

On May 12, 2017, the Donor Wall was unveiled for the first time on the Johnny Cash Trail. Located near the Johnny Cash Bridge and the future home of the Johnny Cash Legacy Park at Folsom Lake Crossing and E. Natoma Street, the Donor Wall stands tall.

Five corten steel walls of varying heights display the names of the individuals, families, and organizations who’ve contributed to the trail.

The Donor Wall is a celebration of the people who are enthusiastically bringing this project to life, designed and fabricated by Johnny Cash Trail artist Adan Romo. The wall is approximately 8-feet tall and 14-feet wide and is made from the same corten steel that can be found on the nearby Johnny Cash Bridge. Romo is also using corten steel for some of the larger-than-life sculptures that will be be placed along the trail. 

The Donor Wall has a limited amount of space for customized plaques. If you want to see your name, family, business, organization, or personal message put on the steel wall for future trail visitors to see for generations, get yours ordered now.

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Get a Limited Edition Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison Collectible

The City of Folsom is celebrating this connection between Johnny Cash and Folsom Prison with a unique collectible that features a limited edition license plate.

Along with the City of Folsom, the John R. Cash Revocable Trust, and California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA), the DMV has authorized 100 of these limited edition collectibles to be made in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Cash’s prison performance.

The collectible JCASH 50 license plate is a California legacy plate; a classic black license plate with yellow lettering made from the same molds used in the in 1960s. The plates were made inside Folsom Prison's license plate manufacturing facility. 

The license plate is framed along with a picture of Johnny Cash standing in front of Folsom Prison’s East Gate, taken by Dan Poush on January 13, 1968 - the day of Cash’s performance.

Only 100 of these limited edition collector black and yellow JCASH 50 license plates are available. Get your limited edition JCASH collectible before they're gone.

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Cycle in Style with Johnny Cash Trail Gear

Show your support for the Johnny Cash Trail and ride in style with a limited-edition cycling kit designed to show off your love for Cash and cycling.

Men’s Johnny Cash Trail Cycling Kits

Black and white men’s cycling jerseys feature the Johnny Cash Trail logo with guitar string and yellow guitar pick accents. The back of the jersey reveals a silhouette of Johnny Cash holding his guitar case and the Man in Black’s signature.

Men’s bibs are black and gray with guitar string and yellow guitar pick accents.

Women’s Johnny Cash Trail Cycling Kits

Black and white women’s jerseys feature the Johnny Cash Trail logo on the front and Johnny Cash’s silhouette and signature on the back with guitar strings and pink guitar pick accents.

Women’s bibs are black and gray with guitar string and pink guitar pick accents.

These limited-edition cycling kits are made in California by Voler. All proceeds go to funding the world-class art installation along the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom, so get your Johnny Cash kit today.

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Make a Cash Donation to the Trail

There’s one final method to show your support for the trail. Your cash gift donation goes directly to fund the art for the Johnny Cash Trail. The first art pieces that will be installed are Cash’s Picks, designed by trail artist Adan Romo.

Cash’s Picks are 7-foot bronze replicas of Johnny Cash’s guitar picks emblazoned with Cash’s signature. These sculptures will mark the beginning and end of the 2.5 miletrail.

Your cash gift will go to the Folsom Arts Association, a non-profit organization bringing the art to the Johnny Cash Trail. Donate a cash gift today.

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Come to the Grand Opening Celebration

Note: The Johnny Cash Trail Grand Opening Celebration has now passed. It was a great day for the community.

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, Folsom Parks & Recreation will hold a dedication and grand opening celebration and you’re invited to join in the festivities.

A free outdoor festival begins at 8:00 a.m. on the new trail section located behind the Folsom Rodeo Arena. A ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony will officially open the second phase of the trail to the public. After the ceremony, come participate in a fun run and/ or community bike ride on the trail.

The community bike ride begins at 9:30 a.m. and two runs immediately follow. These family-friendly events are open to all skill levels. The bike ride and longer run follow a 6.2-mile course, while a shorter run/ walk takes participants on a 4.2-mile course. Register for the Johnny Cash Trail fun run or community bike ride today.

The free outdoor festival will be held in Folsom City Lions Park from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with live music by Manzanita.

Events start on the Johnny Cash Trail behind the Folsom Rodeo Arena, located near Rodeo Park, 200 Stafford Street; events finish in Folsom City Lions Park.

If you love Johnny Cash, Folsom, and the historic legacy the music legend had on the city, you can show your support for the Johnny Cash Trail project in a number of ways. From cash donations to cycling kits, donor wall plaques to collectible pieces, or registering to ride on the trail on opening day, there’s so many ways to be a part of Folsom’s unique tribute to the Man in Black.

  • 9:30 a.m. - Community Bike Ride
  • 9:45 a.m. - 6.2-mile long course run
  • 10:00 a.m. - 4.2-mile short course run/walk