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Johnny Cash Trail Phase 2 Construction Underway

6/19/2017 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Johnny Cash Trail

The Johnny Cash Trail is marching towards completion in Folsom, CA.

Newcastle, CA contractor Westcon Construction, who completed the first phase of the Johnny Cash Trail in 2015, is back again to complete the second phase of trail construction. When finished, the second phase will span from Folsom Lake to the Historic District in Folsom.

The existing portion of the Johnny Cash Trail which currently ends at Prison Road will be extended to meet the existing bike trail located behind the Folsom Rodeo grounds.

By adding approximately 7,100 linear feet of paved Class I bike trail, the Johnny Cash Trail will connect Folsom’s Historic District, Lake Natoma, and the American River Trail with 45-miles of existing Class I trails throughout the Folsom area.

Westcon Construction will also be building a tunnel underneath Prison Road to allow cyclists and pedestrians to bypass the busy intersection at Prison Road and E. Natoma Street.

In addition, Phase 2 includes a 160-foot long arched wood bridge that will span a ravine behind the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary and provide trail users with incredible views of Lake Natoma and the American River.


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What’s Happening with the Johnny Cash Trail Phase 2

What’s Been Done So Far

So far, Westcon has prepped Prison Road for construction of the tunnel. A temporary road, lane changes, and traffic control have been set up at Prison Road and E. Natoma Street.

Westcon has blazed the entire trail, carefully clearing the path with minimal impact to trees and trail surroundings. Bridge footings have been set.

What’s Happening Now

Currently, Westcon is working on the structural elements for the ravine bridge. Westcon has built abutments, support structures that connect the bridge deck to the ground and help support its weight, and poured support columns.

Excavation at the tunnel site under Prison Road will begin soon.

What’s Left to Complete

Tunnel construction using precast units will start at the end of June, possibly beginning of July. Westcon anticipates setting the bridge around the middle of August.

The second phase of the trail is estimated to be complete around the end of September, 2017.

Celebrating The Completion of the Johnny Cash Trail

The City of Folsom plans on celebrating the completion of the Johnny Cash Trail with some can’t-miss events, such as:

  • Ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremony
  • 5K and 10K runs
  • Community bike ride
  • Outdoor festival with beer garden, food trucks, vendor fair, and live music.

We’ll be offering more information on the specific events as we near completion so you won’t miss a single one! (Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.)

Where’s the Art?

The most highly anticipated part of the Johnny Cash Trail is the world-class public art installation featuring eight larger-than-life sculptures honoring the life and legacy of Johnny Cash that will be placed along the trail.

The City is currently fundraising to bring the first two sculptures to the trail: Cash’s Picks.

Cash’s Picks consists of two seven-foot tall black bronze guitar picks emblazoned with Johnny Cash’s signature designed by artist Adan Romo of Romo Studios, LLC. Romo was inspired to create a visual beginning and ending to the trail. Johnny Cash’s songs began with one simple gesture -- the Man in Black taking a pick to his favored Martin guitar -- and this was the inspiration for Romo in creating the first and last piece for the trail. The picks will stand as a marker for the trail, helping cyclists and trail users clearly see where this unique art installation begins.

The City of Folsom has brought a Donor Wall to the Johnny Cash Trail in order to fund Cash’s Picks. The Donor Wall, designed by trail artist Adan Romo, consists of five steel panels of varying heights. The wall is fabricated from the same corten steel that was used for construction of the adjacent Johnny Cash Trail overpass bridge.

The Donor Wall is adorned with the names of trail contributors -- the individuals, families, and organizations who are enthusiastically contributing to this incredible project.

As more contributions are made and more names fill the Donor Wall, the City gets closer to its goal of bringing the first works of art to the trail.

The Johnny Cash Trail is a monumental project that is thrilling Cash fans worldwide, cycling enthusiasts, and local supporters who are excited about the project. When fully complete, the Johnny Cash Trail will be a one-of-a-kind destination: a Class I cycling trail, connection Historic downtown Folsom to Folsom Lake and American River trails, a public art installation and public park for families to enjoy, and a tribute like none other to the Man in Black’s legacy in Folsom.


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