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What's Next for the Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience?

9/5/2016 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Art, Art Trail, Johnny Cash Trail

The Johnny Cash Art Trail is a one-of-a-kind public art project that will bring fine-art sculpture and music together in Folsom, CA, for the ultimate tribute to the legendary Johnny Cash. Fans of this unique public art installation have eagerly been awaiting news and updates on the project. The City of Folsom is excited to announce…

It’s time to commence with the second phase of the Johnny Cash Art Trail.

Phase 2: What’s Next for the Johnny Cash Art Trail

In Fall of 2016, the long anticipated 2nd phase of construction will begin on the second half of the Johnny Cash Trail. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to bypass a busy intersection at Natoma Street by utilizing a tunnel that will run underneath Prison Road. In addition to the tunnel, a 160-foot long arched wood bridge will span a ravine behind the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary. The bridge will offer trail users incredible, expansive views of the American River and Lake Natoma.

The first phase of the Johnny Cash trail currently ends at Prison Road. The second phase of the trail will take cyclists and pedestrians underneath Prison Road, where it winds through scenic property behind City Hall and over the ravine. The trail will end at an existing Class 1 bike trail at Riley Street/ Greenback Lane in the Historic Folsom District.

See a map of the Johnny Cash Trail.

Residents of Folsom can expect to see construction of the new portion of the trail, the tunnel, and the bridge to begin around early to mid October, 2016.

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QUIZ: Which Johnny Cash Tune is Your Theme Song?

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Funding the Next Phase of the Trail

The second phase of the Johnny Cash Art Trail is being funded by two federal grants and a five-year loan from the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG.)

When will the Art Come to Folsom?

The Johnny Cash Art Trail is offering Folsom residents and visitors a scenic, multi-use trail and stunning freeway overpass bridge with plenty of opportunities for cycling, walking, and walking.

But what makes the Johnny Cash trail special is not just the fact that it runs across the property of one of America’s most famous prisons (although that is an exciting and unique trail feature!)... what really makes this project special is the art.

Eight larger-than-life sculptures will eventually call the Johnny Cash Art Trail their home. Each sculpture is inspired by the music and legacy of the Man in Black: Johnny Cash. Fans of art and music are eagerly awaiting the first installment of art to arrive in Folsom.

A Sneak Peek of the Johnny Cash Trail Art

The art that will be available for the public to enjoy along the Johnny Cash Art Trail is being created by the renowned art teams of Romo Studios, LLC and artist Gary Tillery of the Fine Art Studio of Rottblatt-Amrany

Here’s a preview of the art you will find on the trail:

From life-sized bronze sculptures of Johnny Cash to 15-foot high laser-cut steel poles that reveal the music legend’s likeness to a breath-taking 40-foot tall sculpture of the Man in Black, the art of the Johnny Cash trail is an awe-inspiring tribute to art, music, and history in Folsom.

Publicly Funding the Art

The art for the trail is being privately funded by individuals, organizations, businesses, and families who share the city’s passion for this project. The faster the funds can be raised, the faster the community can see this monumental project come to life.

Contributions are currently being accepted here on the Folsom Cash Art Trail website.

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Trail Update: The City of Folsom has announced that local contractor Westcon Construction has been awarded the contract to complete the second phase of construction of the Johnny Cash Trail. Construction is expected to begin in January 2017.


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