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Build a Stronger Folsom With Your Giving Tuesday Gift

11/22/2021 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Art Trail

The holiday season is a season of gratitude and community. Giving Tuesday celebrates this season by encouraging all of us to spread generosity and support the causes that make our communities strong.

Whether you're giving from the kindness of your own heart or as a gift on someone’s behalf, celebrate the holiday season with a gift that will support and strengthen the arts and outdoors in Folsom.

Become Part of the Johnny Cash Legacy


What does it mean to be part of the Johnny Cash Trail legacy? Here are 3 things your Giving Tuesday donation supports when you give to the trail.

The 3 Critical Community Benefits of Your Giving Tuesday Donation to the Cash Trail

#1: Public Art

Supporting the Johnny Cash Trail is an effective way to support public art in our community. Your donation will go directly towards the fabrication and installation of Cash's Pick and future installments along the trail.

By supporting public art pieces like these, you support the many benefits they have for a community, including strengthening our local culture and sharing local history. Public art has also been shown to help reduce stress and increase community members’ sense of identity and belonging.

#2: Outdoor Spaces

Creating outdoor spaces like biking and walking trails are an excellent way to foster community health and wellness. By creating space for people to get outside with their friends and families, we encourage people to live more active lives.

Additionally, these outdoor spaces create exciting opportunities for group activities such as running and bike club meet-ups, or public events like the Amgen Tour of California, a Tour de France-style road race for cyclists.

#3: Local Tourism

Local tourism has a tremendous benefit for the health of an economy like Folsom’s. According to Visit California, travel-generated state and local tax revenue for El Dorado County was $69.1 million in 2020.

The Johnny Cash Trail is an unparalleled opportunity to create a public space that will draw in travelers, appealing to country music fans, art lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. By helping to make the Johnny Cash Trail a destination, your contribution will support and grow Folsom’s local economy.

How to Support the Johnny Cash Trail

This Giving Tuesday, there are many ways to support the Johnny Cash Trail and contribute to the wonderful benefits of public art, outdoor spaces, and tourism in our community. Make a cash donation today, or show off your pride as a Johnny Cash fan with a collectible license plate.

Walk the line with us. Give today.