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Construction Begins on Cash's Pick

5/21/2021 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Johnny Cash Trail

Cash's Pick is a set of twin art pieces, enormous metallic guitar picks that will greet visitors along the Johnny Cash Trail from the trail’s Downtown Folsom and Folsom Lake entrances. The first of these two picks, located in Historic Downtown Folsom, is now under construction. Learn more.

Fabrication Begins on Cash's Pick

The contract for the creation of the first art piece along the Johnny Cash Trail, Cash's Pick, was approved by Folsom City Council and City Hall in May of 2021. The striking seven-foot-tall art piece will be fabricated by Adan Romo of Romo Studios for installation along the trail. 

Once installed, the Pick will serve as a focal point at the southernmost entrance to the trail, located near the intersection of Greenback Lane and the American River Bike Trail. Cash's Pick #1 will be conveniently located near public parking in Historic Downtown Folsom. 

Explore the trail map to plan your visit to the future site of Cash's Pick #1.

Explore the First Stop on the Johnny Cash Trail

Cash's Pick is the beginning of the Johnny Cash Trail experience, which will invite visitors winding down the length of the trail to interact with art pieces inspired by pivotal moments of the musical career of the Man in Black. 

The pick will be seven feet tall, crafted by Adan Romo of Romo Studios out of black bronze, featuring Cash's signature on the front. 

The placement of the pick provides space for trail users to pause, enjoy the art piece, and rest, and will include convenient bench seating positioned against a simple backdrop of native plant life.

This piece is a callback to the simple elements that started it all -- a man, a guitar, and a pick. As the artist explains, "I thought it would be appropriate to start the trail the way Cash would have started his music, which was simply by taking a pick to his guitar."

Visitors will soon be able to view Cash's Pick as part of the Johnny Cash Trail experience. You can support the installation of this piece and other works of art coming soon to the Johnny Cash Trail with a contribution to the project. 

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