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Fantastic Cycling Apps and Where to Find Them

10/13/2023 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Folsom Cycling

There are tons of cycling apps out in the world, and depending on what you're focusing on with your rides, it can be overwhelming, especially if you're just starting out. Save time and get out on the trail faster by checking out our list of the top cycling apps geared to get you where you need to go. All of the apps listed in this blog have a FREE version but also offer more analysis and features with paid subscriptions or one-time purchases.

Strava - Top in Tracking

Even if you're just starting in the cycling scene, you've probably heard of Strava. It offers various ride log functions and can be uploaded to your Strava profile for others to see. This app is more social than most since you can upload rides with photos and videos in addition to following your friends by giving them “kudos” (likes).

The free version of the app allows you to keep track of your stats while you travel, including speed, time, distance, and a map showing the path you took. Once you finish your ride, it will display other stats, such as calories burned and elevation changes.

If you're looking for a more in-depth experience, Strava also offers a more in-depth look at your stats with a subscription (ranging from $11.99/mo - $79.99/yr). It includes features like monitoring your freshness and fatigue to improve your fitness and “relative effort,” where Strava quantifies how hard you're working.

Kamoot - Top in Planning Routes

Kamoot also has quite the following with over 35 million users worldwide, and is a leader in helping you plan out your rides beforehand. It will show you what rides are best for either road or mountain bikes, the fitness level needed to complete them, and more. All you have to do is pick your start and end points, and Kamoot will do the rest.

You can also mark coffee shops and other stops along the way to plan out your day, using the highlights section where other users can post their recommendations, images, and other info.

Kamoot offers offline maps where you can mark single regions for a one-time payment of $3.99 or up to $29.99 to unlock every region worldwide. Their premium plan ($4.99/mo - $59.99/yr) offers multi-day planning and advanced weather detection for specific parts of your ride. In April 2023, they also added the functionality to send your "Tours" directly to Garmin devices.

Training Peaks - Top in Tracking Training

For cyclists dedicated to tracking athletic performance and improvements, Training Peaks is the best in class.  Coaches can input workouts for you, and if you're self-guided, you can put in your own, download training programs, or even find a coach on the platform.

Typically, users will use the desktop add-on and use the app while on the go. The app lets you view your training schedule, see coach comments, or add your own. Free features include setting goals, adding events, and getting workout reminders but if you're looking for an in-depth look into your workout or schedule activities for the future, the premium version is the way to go ($19.95/mo).

Flare (Formerly Busby) - Top in Road Safety

If safety is one of your biggest concerns while out on the road, Flare is the app for you. It features incident detection and incident prevention by alerting others of your whereabouts while also having an easy way to report any hazards. However, its most interesting feature is its ability to contact emergency contacts if you're involved in an incident. If you don't move or respond to the app after 30 seconds, it will contact your emergency contacts and send them your location.

Their latest version works in all countries and is compatible with multiple activities in addition to cycling, like running/jogging, motorcycling, horseback riding, and scooters. If needed, you're also able to send out a "Flare" yourself that can notify local bike shops, users, and mechanics (within 5 - 10 miles) that another user needs help. You can also set up group rides that allow cyclists to set a region and if bikers go outside of it, everyone in the group gets a notification.

Free incident detection and contact alerting is available for all users but you're only allowed one free emergency contact, whereas the premium version lets you add up to 5 contacts (~$2.50/mo, ~$24.00/yr)

myWindsock - Top with Strava

This app is one of the best apps to pair with Strava to improve your experience. It utilizes real-time weather data along your planned route if you upload a GPX file.  You can also copy and paste the URL for a Strava segment to see the weather conditions of your planned route and how many watts the wind is costing you in terms of power output.

They also feature a leaderboard via Strava, which can tell you the routes that have the best weather conditions and which ones produced the best times based on that data. If you want to plan ahead, you can also add all your regular rides and races to get a 10-day forecast.

Their pricing ranges from FREE to $34.99 yearly for the "Power" plan with limited uploads or $64.99 yearly for the "Unlimited" plan with – you guessed it – unlimited uploads.