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Where Does the Johnny Cash Trail Start?

10/22/2021 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Johnny Cash Trail

The Johnny Cash Trail stretches through 2 and a half miles of countryside in Folsom, California. This beginner-friendly Class I bike trail connects sunny Folsom Lake to the American River, as well as Historic Folsom and the iconic Folsom Prison. Ready to experience the trail?

Discover where the Johnny Cash Trail starts, where to park, and how to visit.

The Johnny Cash Trail Starts in Historic Downtown Folsom

In Historic Downtown Folsom, the Johnny Cash Trail begins near Greenback Lane and Scott Street, branching off of the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. From this end of the trail, visitors have easy access to local eateries in Downtown Folsom, as well as attractions like the Folsom City Zoo or the Folsom Lions Park.


To begin at this end of the trail, the easiest spot to park is near the Dan Russell Rodeo Arena, the Folsom Library, or the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary.

What You'll See

The first of the many striking art pieces planned for the trail, Cash’s Pick, is under construction and will be installed near this entrance to the trail, by Greenback Lane. The piece, an enormous metal guitar pick, is the creation of Adan Romo of Romo Studios.


The easiest way to access the trail from Historic Downtown Folsom is to park near the Dan Russell Rodeo Arena or another nearby lot. From Natoma Street in Folsom, turn on Stafford Street to get to the lot.

Get directions to the Historic Folsom entrance to the trail.

Access the Johnny Cash Trail at the Johnny Cash Overpass Bridge

The other end of the Johnny Cash Trail is located near beautiful Folsom Lake. This entrance is marked by the Johnny Cash Overpass Bridge, near the intersection of East Natomas Street and Folsom Lake Crossing.

Parking - Coming Soon

Future parking is planned for this entrance to the Johnny Cash Trail. The Johnny Cash Legacy Park is coming to the corner of Folsom Lake Crossing and East Natomas Street. The beautiful 3-acre park will include 25 parking spaces, offering easy access to the trail from Folsom Lake.

Until the park is complete, however, parking is easier from the Historic Folsom entrance.

What You'll See

This entrance to the trail, and the future home of the Johnny Cash Legacy Park, offers visitors beautiful views of the Folsom Countryside as well as the Johnny Cash Overpass Bridge. The bridge, which greets hikers, bikers, and drivers on Folsom Lake Crossing, mimics Folsom Prison’s East Gate’s unique Romanesque architectural style.

This will also be the site of the second Cash's Pick art piece.


The Johnny Cash Overpass Bridge can be found spanning Folsom Lake Crossing. Get directions to the trail entrance via Johnny Cash Overpass Bridge.

Visitors to the Johnny Cash Trail can access the path through one of the trail’s two unique entrances. To plan your visit, view the trail map.