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Folsom Cash Trailblazers: 7 Donors Behind the Cash Trail

3/28/2023 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Johnny Cash Trail

The Folsom Cash Trailblazers series highlights the generous members of our Donor Wall who are helping to bring the Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience to Folsom.

The Johnny Cash Trail Donor wall stands near the corner of Folsom  Lake Crossing and East Natoma Street. The monument is a series of weathered steel panels bearing the names of some of the trail's generous supporters. 

The Donor Wall was installed in 2017, fabricated using elegant, durable Corten Steel as a reminder of these donors' enduring gifts to Folsom and the art pieces they're helping to create. Their gifts fund the creation of the trail and the fabrication of art pieces such as the trail's first artwork - Cash's Pick

Today we're highlighting 7 names you may recognize from the Donor Wall as organizations that have generously supported the trail.

7 Donors Brining Art & the Outdoors to Folsom


AEG, the brand behind the AMGEN bike race, is a global brand responsible for music and sporting events and venues. The company was one of the donors that helped make the Johnny Cash Trail possible. With over 160 million guests per year, AEG is a leader in the sports and entertainment industry. Its contribution to the Johnny Cash Trail is a testament to its commitment to supporting local communities.

Dokken Engineering

Dokken Engineering is an engineering company dedicated to transportation infrastructure. 
They are a team of civil and structural engineers, environmental planners, hydraulics specialists, and more. Dokken designs pedestrian trails, multi-use paths, Class I bike facilities, and more to help connect communities and enhance bicycling and walking experiences—like our own Johnny Cash Trail! Dokken's bicycle and trails team has a passion for bicycle and recreational trails as designers, educators, daily bicycle commuters, and engineers.

ECORP Consulting

ECORP is an environmental consulting company that helps public and private landowners comply with environmental regulations. Their services include baseline studies, environmental planning, and construction monitoring. Their contribution to the Johnny Cash Trail demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Folsom Teen Council

The Folsom Teen Council is a group of dedicated high school students who volunteer at various events and programs to help create a better community. They have helped with city special events, school district and PTA events, golf tournaments, and more.

At the Donor Wall installation, a club student shared that "we're here to donate a plaque to the Johnny Cash Art Trail. We did this using the money we collectively earned as a club over the years."

Friends of Folsom Parkways

The Friends of Folsom Parkways is a nonprofit organization created over 30 years ago to steward the parkways in Folsom. They have provided financial assistance to improve the parkway, worked with over 2,000 volunteers on various beautification efforts, and more. Their contribution to the Johnny Cash Trail shows their dedication to preserving and improving the natural beauty of Folsom.

Sacramento Bike Hikers

The Sacramento Bike Hikers is the longest continuously active bicycle club in the Sacramento region with over 450 members. Their contribution to the Johnny Cash Trail reflects their dedication to supporting their community and their enthusiasm for bringing engaging outdoor experiences like the Cash Trail to Sacramento.

Choose Folsom

Choose Folsom helps develop tourism here in Folsom, California. They promote unique outdoor experiences, signature events, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Their contribution to the Johnny Cash Trail is a testament to their commitment to creating a vibrant and welcoming community for visitors and residents alike.

The organizations and individuals who support the Johnny Cash Trail play a crucial role in bringing this unique experience to our community. Their commitment to the project will be etched into the Donor Wall, looking down at the trail they helped create for decades to come.

The Donor Wall has openings for future supporters to join these generous names. But the opportunity to be part of the trail won't last forever - space on the wall is limited. Make a donation.