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Why A Donation to the Johnny Cash Trail is the Perfect Gift this Year

12/10/2021 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Johnny Cash Trail

Searching for that special gift your loved ones will adore? Give them a gift that supports a cause close to their hearts, one that reflects their interests or community. A donation can be a perfect gift for community-minded friends or your relatives who seem to have everything else.

In fact, some may even prefer to receive a donation in their name in lieu of a more traditional present. 

Nearly 3 in 5 people said they would enjoy a donation in their name as a present according to a 2020 poll of nearly 13,000 Americans

If you're shopping for presents, a donation is a perfect fit. Discover the four people on your shopping list who would love to be part of the legacy of the Johnny Cash Trail. 

For the Perfect Gift for These 4 People, Add the Johnny Cash Trail to Your List

#1: Cyclists

For the cyclist in your life who already has a well-loved bike and all the accessories they need, a contribution to their favorite trail is the perfect out-of-the-box gift. A donation to the Johnny Cash Trail makes them part of the creation of this unique addition to Folsom's network of trails. 

#2: Hikers

A contribution to the future of this winding, 2.5-mile trail is also the perfect gift for the hikers in your life. Making them a part of the development of a local trail is a wonderful way to show support for their favorite hobby.

#3: Country Music Fans

For country music fans, a donation makes them part of the legacy of the legendary Johnny Cash. By supporting the Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience, they can help support the installation of artwork along the trail, larger-than-life sculptures celebrating the Man in Black.

#4: Community-Minded Loved Ones

A donation is also a thoughtful gift for loved ones to establish their legacy here in Folsom. By joining the donor wall, their name will be etched in steel to be enjoyed by visitors to the trail for many years to come. Their contribution will make a lasting impact, showing support for the arts, the outdoors, and their local economy. 

Are you considering gifting a donation to your friends or loved ones this year? Make the Johnny Cash Trail part of your holiday shopping list. Learn how you can support the trail here.