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How to Plan Your 2023 Charity Donations

12/29/2022 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Johnny Cash Trail

There's no feeling quite like watching your donation to a charity or project create a real impact in your community. Johnny Cash Trail donors can walk the 3-mile trail or follow the fabrication of the trail's first art piece knowing that their gift helped make this experience possible. 

Are you looking to donate or get more involved with your community in the New Year? Now is the perfect time to make charitable giving part of your 2023 budget. 

Planning Your Charitable Contributions for 2023

Set Your Priorities

If you're looking to become more involved with your community and give back, take a moment to decide what causes are the most important to you. Aligning the charities and projects you support with your values, passions, and interests can help you feel more engaged with the cause you're supporting.

Do you want to support causes that align with your interests, like nature or the arts? Are you interested in having more of a local or global impact? Tools like Charity Navigator can help you discover charities that align with your interests.

Support public art, music, and nature with the Johnny Cash Trail.


Decide On Your Budget

Setting a budget can help you determine in advance how much you can comfortably afford to give. Even allocating a small portion of your budget to charity can make a huge difference to your local organizations.

Factor the timing of your donation into your plan — are you interested in a recurring monthly contribution, or would you rather give a one-time gift? You could also consider other ways to give, such as volunteering your time or donating goods such as food and clothing.

Plan Ahead for Tax Season

Making a tax deductible donation can reduce your taxable income. If you're interested in the tax benefits of donating, you'll likely want to itemize your deductions to maximize the impact of your donation. Keep in mind that itemizing your deductions can take more time, so you'll want to weigh the costs and benefits to decide whether or not this is the best option for you. 

Consider Talking to a Financial Adviser

A financial advisor can help you strategically include charitable giving in your budget. This can empower you to maximize your contribution. A financial advisor can help by ensuring you're itemizing correctly and could help you negotiate other options such as including a charitable contribution in your estate plan.

Are you looking for a new way to strengthen your community? Support public art here in Folsom with a tax-deductible donation to the Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience.

Give now.