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How to Support the Arts in Your Community

6/20/2023 | By Johnny Cash Trail| Art, Johnny Cash Trail

Art comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, feelings, sounds, and countless other mediums in our daily lives. Throughout history, artists have taken all these and created masterpieces in music, paintings, writings, exhibitions, and any other form of presentation (and in some cases secrecy) you can imagine. As they say, art is in the eye of the beholder, and the appreciation of art and the ability to express oneself is the key to keeping that piece of society and humanity alive. The support gathered from communities to lift art and artists around them is pivotal, so here are some ways to keep this slice of culture alive in your communities.

The Importance of Supporting Art in Your Community

Supporting the creativity of a community has numerous benefits that extend beyond artistic endeavors, positively impacting various aspects of local life. Local art is a powerful representation of lived experiences within that particular community, contributing to increased civic and social engagement, as shown by research by the National Civic League.

In addition, the presence of art in a community not only enhances the appeal of the surroundings, making them more appealing to visit but also brings advantages to local businesses and stimulates the economy. Research by the National Endowment for the Arts, has also revealed that arts involvement has lasting positive effects on younger generations, especially those of low socioeconomic status.

How to Support Art in Your Local Community

Art is ingrained deeply within our communities, but figuring out how to personally support it can be challenging for some. Luckily there are many ways, including some low-cost and even free methods, to uplift artists and art around you. One quick example we can't help but suggest supporting locally is the Johnny Cash Trail. You can donate with cash (we mean money this time) or become part of the Johnny Cash Trail art experience and permanently etch your, your family, or your business's name in steel on the donor wall. Learn more here!

Buy or Commission Art From Local Artists

If you want to support artists directly, this is a great way. Local parks, waterfronts, and some farmer's markets and community gatherings sometimes have artists selling their art. However, if you don't want to search outside, tons of artists sell their art online through Etsy, Fiverr, or even Instagram stores. Not only do you know that your money is going directly to the artists, but it also gives you a chance to receive something personal and one-of-a-kind.

Art Galleries and Community Exhibitions

Regularly attending local galleries and exhibitions is another significant way to show support. Generally, these are also free to visit and walk around, admiring the art, reading about the background of artists and their work, or maybe you're lucky enough to meet them yourself. Though if any art catches your eye, these galleries and exhibitions also typically have the pieces for sale and have the prices listed if you show your support financially.

Museum of Art Memberships

In addition to getting the best educational experience when it comes to the world of art, signing up for memberships to museums is another impactful way to aid local artists. Your membership will help the museum stay up and running to educate others. Some museums also have funds or foundations that support local community arts and culture. Memberships are also a great gift to your friends and family. For example, the Crocker Art Museum offers memberships with a free subscription to their newsletter and numerous discounts on other activities.

Virtual Support

As mentioned above, commissioning art online is always available. However, if you're looking for more frugal ways to show support, simply posting and publicizing the art and artists around you also helps in leaps and bounds. Many artists also teach art classes online or sometimes a stroke-by-stroke painting class where you can follow along to create your own masterpiece.

Art Therapy

Expressing oneself is the meaning of art, and it can make it easier for some to share their feelings through art they create or own. Art therapy is typically conducted in three ways: analytically, where the therapist and patient discuss their ideas through using art. Through psychotherapy, where a client's art is discussed verbally and analyzed. And lastly, the actual creation of art itself and focusing on the process instead. Of course, approaches to this therapy vastly vary based on the patient and the conduction of sessions. However, you can show support by donating to these businesses or raising awareness that these services exist.


If you can't support ‘em, join ‘em! Showing your support can be as holistic as offering your time to promote arts in your community or contribute to a local piece! Several art education or preservation programs help keep art in schools and set up fundraisers and other events for artists and the community to become one. Friends of Sacramento Arts is an impactful example of a program striving to give equitable access to comprehensive arts education in K-12 public schools. Learn more about supporting them here.

Supporting art in your community is essential for the preservation of society, the expression of individuality, and the enrichment of local life. Art comes in various forms, and its impact on society is impossible to imagine. It is a powerful representation of people's experiences and can bring about positive changes in the community. By supporting art, you contribute to the appeal of the surroundings, stimulate the local economy, and provide opportunities for artists, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The numerous ways of support listed are only some ways you can make a difference with art in your community. Each act of support, whether financial or through active involvement, helps create a thriving artistic ecosystem and leaves a lasting impact on the community. So, embrace art, support artists, and witness the transformative power it brings to your community.

Wondering what impacts funding art can have on your community? Learn more about it here.